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Welcome to the site! Some introductory info about me: I am an Ivy-trained physician, entrepreneur and CEO of a company I founded and funded called Greyledge Technologies. After starting the company, I decided to get my Executive MBA, while maintaining a full time medical practice at one of the most decorated sports medicine clinics in the world, developing a startup and trying to deal with the challenges of being a Dad to a young son. I’m a gym rat/health and fitness enthusiast, and I’ve also been known to ride motorcycles full-out on occasion.

My goal has always been to use the talents given to me to the fullest of my ability. The rest required working my tail off to accomplish what I wanted in life. I grew up in a small town in central PA with a terrific middle class parents and siblings who were dedicated and supportive to each other. I didn’t have to starve or live on the streets or share a room with 6 siblings, but I did have to earn everything I’ve gotten in career and life. I funded my education from College to Medical School to Business School. Perhaps some people believe that much schooling was overkill, but I love the process of learning and I respect the value of education. It provides a skillset, some knowledge and exposure to a network of diverse people, but I agree you’re owed no entitlement to anything and it is no substitute for gritty, determination and hard work to accomplish whatever it is that you want.

Our goals, ambitions and desires will vary greatly, but I hope this website will provide something of value to help almost everyone to get what you want, be your best and live a great and healthy life!

Over the past 6 years I’ve lived the life cycle of a modern-day tech startup company from idea on a napkin to scaling and growth. This site is my documentary of developing as an entrepreneur. I believe this process never ends as an entrepreneur. Its purpose is to display a depot of ideas surrounding entrepreneurism, how to execute on ideas and provide an insiders perspective on a unique convergence of many different fields like medicine, social media, science, industry, technology and software.

My practice and knowledge within the medical field started out very specific and traditional, and as my curiosity and interests evolved, so too did my belief that I could produce a company and a brand that was focused on improving and intertwining the ideals and practices of age management, fitness, nutrition, orthopedics and regenerative medicine. I believe we are at a point where these fields can be integrated and that this will bring opportunity and advancements to improve the way we live. I’m fortunate and grateful to be a part of this progression.

It’s my hope that you take the opportunity to learn about me and my work, but also to learn about many peers and colleagues featured on the site, whose work impacts our lives every day. The site is a resource for me, and I hope it will be for you as well!

Warmest Regards and Wishes for Success in Life!

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"My goal has always been to use the talents given to me to the fullest of my ability."

— David Karli

Like any complex endeavor, my clinical and entrepreneurial work involves collaboration with many talented people, deserving of recognition.