Are you what you eat? You bet!

I’ve already said that I believe we need to supplement the food we eat to optimize our nutrition. The key word here is optimization. Modern technology allows us to concentrate beneficial elements of food, but that does not negate the need to use our body’s ability to breakdown food and absorb nutrients from it. With the advent of so many processed, preserved, and engineered food, we have to be conscious of how we fuel our bodies.

Good choices take knowledge and discipline to make clean, healthy eating part of our lifestyle.

Simple, but effective approaches are a good place to start: eat organic, unprocessed food focused on obtaining a majority of calories from protein and healthy fats, with a lesser emphasis on carbohydrate and minimization of refined sugars. If you are willing to be disciplined, the approach works.

You can improve your body composition, reduce excess fat, reduce chronic inflammation and maintain muscle mass.

Strategies will vary greatly, but in general terms, bail on the carbs and sugar and keep portions under control – sorry everyone, there simply isn’t a better way! We’ll talk about insulin control. In simple terms, insulin is the protein in our bodies that coordinates how our we use calories absorbed from what we eat. If Insulin is high, our bodies are signaled to store calories as fat. If Insulin is lower, our bodies are signaled to use our body fat for energy – store less and use more. This is a vast topic, but it can be broken down into simpler principles.

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