High quality supplements can be used in conjunction with diet and exercise to improve health, as defined by measured improvements in blood lab values, body composition, reduction of inflammation and subjective measures of energy, sleep quality and wellbeing.

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Supplements in my opinion have become a necessity to optimize health. I take a lot of supplements, but each has a purpose and I ensure that they are of the highest quality and bioavailability. This means that what is listed on the product label has been quality controlled and proven to be accurate and that a high percentage of the supplement is actually absorbed into the body.

There is such a thing as clean supplements, free of unwanted fillers, chemicals and preservatives.

The decisions on what supplements to take are also based on specific need from a diagnostic blood test or specific preventative strategy (like inflammation control, or a low Vitamin D level, reducing risk for heart disease, etc.) The counter argument to supplementation is that you can get everything you need from food and by eating a good diet. This debate wages on. Regardless of position, the point is to optimize giving the body what it needs nutritionally to perform at its best.

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