Attitude, Effort and Motivation

This is what I believe: Success with any endeavor requires conviction, complete commitment and character to execute.

Health, fitness, career and life success is not any different. Define what it is you want. How much effort are you willing to commit to get it? I’ve always been pretty good at self-motivating. Accomplishing things that I want in life is stimulating and fulfilling to me. That said, we can always be inspired and motivated by the achievements and actions of others. We can often benefit from a pat on the back or alternatively a kick in the backside!

There are many very high profile, wealthy and successful people who simply motivate others (hopefully by example!). It’s easy to be skeptical, cautious, scared and negative. It’s hard to refute that an opposite perspective: enthusiastic, ambitious, confident and positive will be a more productive approach.

Spotlighting resources and examples that can educate, motivate and prove that we can have what we want to achieve will be the focus of this section of the site. I encourage you to contribute to that effort! Send me ideas, links, stories or leads that can add a little wind to our backs and motivate us to be better!

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