Age Management

We can’t escape nor prevent getting older. But there is a growing and fascinating field of medicine, which looks to manage the aging process to prevent disease development and promote and prolong health, vitality, performance, appearance and longevity as we age.

The basis for managing aging focuses on several general principles. Nutrition, fitness and exercise, hormone optimization, supplementation and motivation represent the foundations of a strategy to create and maintain human performance. The paces, stresses and complexity of modern life creates challenges everyday, which combine to drive us to age prematurely and perform far less than our best. That should never be an excuse to not take measures to prevent decline. What is most exciting about modern age management is that your health and the process can be objectified by measurement!

A sound program should be developed based on a variety of diagnostic tests, including:

  • Blood Lab Levels
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Body Composition
  • Exercise Capacity
  • Orthopedic Assessment
  • Thinking Assessment
  • Evaluation of Heart Function

Results of this testing determine where a program is started and the target goals to be reached. The same tests then can be repeated at certain intervals to objectively determine progress and response to the program (as opposed to only the subjective: I feel better).

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